Telecom Realty Corporation serves the unique needs of private, institutional, and government telecom and wireless site landlords.

We work for property landlords. We do not work for wireless providers, nor have we worked for them in the past.

We provide our clients with telecom and wireless site property management services and leasing, as well as property realty sales and purchase services for California properties with telecom or wireless facilities.

We are particularly well suited to detect and resolve past, current, and future over-occupancy and underpayments to wireless site landlords because of:

      • Creeping over-occupancy of lessee transmission equipment, especially near to the antennas, outside of the leasehold often described by the tenant as being mere maintenance;
      • Tenant caused RF emissions on rooftops that, per the FCC safety rules, require physical barriers or warning, and which are often a significant revenue enhancement event for Landlords;
      • Seemingly innocuous non-amendment consent letter requests for the landlord’s permission allow the tenant to perform some work, that sometimes in actuality results in material changes to the leasehold. Landlords should  not miss these potential revenue and lease renegotiation opportunities.

We also provide our telecom/cell site management expertise and support to other property managers, real estate agents, and real estate attorneys.


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