Telecom Site Property Management

Telecom Realty Corp. offers specialized property management services for landlords of telecom sites, including cell towers, wireless antennas, satellite antennas, and broadcast antennas. This is in addition to our specialty real estate purchasing and sales brokerage services.

To be clear, we are not a neutral. We only work with telecom/cell site landlords. We do not work for any telecom builders or carriers.

Our specialized telecom site property management services for telecom/cell site landlords include:

    • Rooftop telecom/cell site management
    • Greenfield telecom/cell site management
    • Developed property telecom/cell site management
    • Rent roll reconciliation
    • Access controls providing site security and revenue monitoring
    • Over-occupancy detection and resolution
    • Preservation of building aesthetics
    • Review/Recommendations regarding permissive and mandatory telecom/cell site modification request
    • Plan checks for lease compliance or modifications
    • RF emissions safety evaluations based on information provided by the lessee
    • RF on-site emissions evaluations (performed by subcontractors)
    • Lease modifications and reviews
    • Lease renewals
    • Lease terminations

Our telecom site property real estate brokerage services for telecom/cell site owners/purchasers include:

    • Acquisition of real properties (industrial, commercial, and residential) containing a telecom/cell site
    • Sales of properties containing a telecom/cell site
    • Determining whether a cell site lease will transfer to you in a potential property purchase

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