Cell Site Property Sales/Purchases

In addition to Telecom Realty Corporation’s telecom/cell site property management services, we offer our clients real estate brokerage services in California including:

Guiding property purchasers through the maze of buying a property or building that already has a cell site by answering questions such as:

    • ‘If I buy the property, does the cell site lease come with it?’
    • ‘What purchase price adjustments should I consider if the cell site lease has already been sold off in advance of my planned purchase?’
    • ‘How will an existing cell site lease on the property I want to buy impact my ability to develop the property in the future?’
    • ‘Do I need an attorney to close the purchase?’

Increasing the sales value for sellers of properties that already have a cell site or telecom lease by various means, including:

    •  ‘Is it better to sell the property with the telecom/cell site lease?’
    • ‘If I sell the property with the the existing telecom/cell site lease, how much should that increase the sales price?’
    • ‘Should I retain telecom/cell site lease after the sale of the property?’
    • ‘If I keep the telecom/cell site lease after the sale, will I have to discount the property?’
    • ‘Do I need an attorney to close the sale?’

Dealing with radio frequency emissions disclosures

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